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We love Above and Below, it’s such a strange mash-up between worker placement and story game and while it’s a shame the little stories don’t come with a resolution (house rule: make up a little resolution story when reading from the book) the game instantly teleports you to a wondrous world of pig men, abandoned mechanical contraptions and strange encounters. We’ve been itching for a thematic experience and with What Next?, Sleeping Gods and the new Descent being available soon, it’s a good time to be looking for some amazing stories in board games. It’s wonderful to spend some time in another world and take a break from reality.

Speaking of taking a break, we’re taking a little holiday! You probably won’t notice as we’ll still update our comics and Instagram but behind the scenes there will be relaxing, fun day trips and hopefully games! Normally we would have guest artist to fill August but this year has been so busy that we didn’t have time to get guest artists lined up so you’ll just have to enjoy more some of our own comics!

What have we been so busy with you might ask? Well not only has Semi Co-op turned six years old this year, we recently hit 15.000 followers on Instagram. Because of that we’ve reached out to some of our favourite publishers to organise some really cool giveaways. The first one with CGE went live last week but if you missed it, there are still enough giveaways coming to enter every Wednesday. We are a bit overwhelmed by the awesome generosity of everybody we reached out to especially in this current resource and container crisis. It’s been amazing to see what games they were willing to provide us with, so we hope you’ll enter the giveaways and win some amazing games!

Luckily there has also been some time to play some games. This week we enjoyed some older favourites like Flamme Rouge and It’s a Wonderful World but our main event was this Saturday when we had a small Magic: the Gathering draft with some friends. Because our friend group originally bonded over playing D&D, the Adventures in the Forgotten Realms set seemed a good time to enjoy some Magic even though we all hadn’t played in years/decades. We pulled some cool cards, played some fun games and didn’t even get to complete our mini tournament before the day was over. So in a few weeks, we get to grab our drafted decks again and continue our little Magic/DnD nostalgia trip. While we both don’t enjoy Magic when it gets serious, a draft or a single game with preconstructed decks is a fun time.

What game transports you to another world?

Above and Below is indeed very immersive, I should check out Near and Far some day. My favorite game immersion-wise though, is probably Arkham Horror LCG. Somehow out of all the card games, this one gets the closes to making your deck feel a part of your character and their narrative, and the way scenarios are designed also grips you.

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