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Always take a look at what you’re about to eat! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Last week was a super stressful week because of a chaotic project deadline, but despite that, lots of different games got played! Normally, we have board game night with a friend every other Tuesday and although I was working late… that still meant games for Heinze! They played some Tinderblox, Match of the Century, and a game of Unmatched. I can’t tell you how it was, sorry! :’) Since it was at our place I joined them at the end of the night and we played a game of Akropolis. Akropolis was a big hit at Spiel a few years back and I’m quite surprised that I don’t hear about it more often. It’s a solid game!

We also got an exciting package from Deep Print Games, but I won’t tell you anything about that yet. But we’ll definitely have to plan an entire day to tackle one of the two prototypes that were delivered… phew!

After my deadline later that week, Heinze and I finally played our first game of Unmatched! We played the Houdini versus The Genie characters that came together in a box.ย  The game is not too complicated and has some nice elements but I’m not yet sure if I really like it as a 1 vs 1 game. We’d have to play it a few more times and try some other characters. However, I do think this might be better with four players and I am looking forward to trying the co-op version, Unmatched: Tales to Amaze!

And this weekend, it was finally time for something that was planned a long time ago… a game of Stationfall! The game was even more quirky and silly than I had imagined. It’s a BIG game with so many variables! To be honest, it’s not even that complicated but there’s just a lot that can be done in the game. The fact that there are 15 characters on the board with six players that all come with their own “rules”, says enough. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I won’t explain the entire game but it comes down to this: You’re on a space station together that is crashing down to earth and every player gets assigned two characters in secret, you pick one as your character and the other will be their best friend/enemy. All the characters on the board can be activated and used by all the players during the game (as long as nobody has revealed themselves to be a certain character). All the different characters have their own scoring conditions! Some, like the monkey, will want to escape disaster with as many shiny things, others mostly care about taking down as many human or non-human characters as possible and the Legal robot only cares about getting NDAs signed to cover up everything that went wrong on the space station. It could be anything. Since you don’t know who played who during most of the game, everything seems suspicious and it makes for great stories and silly situations. We’ll definitely be playing the game again now that we know the works a little.

On Sunday we played a quick game of Ticket to Ride: San Francisco before… going to the cinema! I was really looking forward to Dune Part Two but maybe if I had seen a trailer in advance (I didn’t on purpose), I could have known that the scale of this movie was different from the first movie (no, haven’t read the books either). I loved the relatively slow pacing and simplicity of the storytelling of part one. The second movie is quite different and wonโ€™t share any spoilers, but this felt rushed and would have been more enjoyable spread over multiple movies. It wasnโ€™t bad and you should watch it if you liked the first movie! But for me, it wasnโ€™t the masterpiece the first one was.

Which game pieces look the most eatable?

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