This probably works… if you have only one cat.

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Azul is one of the games we picked up at Spiel this week and we love it. The first turn we didn’t really know how it was going to be ‘a game’, but when we reached the second turn… it hit us and we saw the many choices you can make! Will I take this tile just to prevent other players from getting it? If I take this, then that… etc etc! We can’t wait to play this with more than two players.

This week we realized that the Jack Vasel Memorial Fund Auction is running! So we decided to offer something to the good cause: a custom avatar or selfie shot with us… plus we’ll send you a signed fridge magnet of the image! There is already an outstanding bid of $130 – maybe we can drive up the price even higher. πŸ™‚Β  We would like to say that we are already astounded by the generosity of people, it’s an amazing to see the bgg community at work. Click here to see our auction item and if you’d like to participate in the bidding for a good cause!Β The auction ends on November 14th.

And we’ve started Pandemic Legacy 2! We’ve been so excited to get started with this game ever since finishing Pandemic Legacy last year. Alas, we lost our first prologue game (SO CLOSE!) and thus we decided that we won’t start with the first ‘real game’ and will keep playing the practice session until we win and are familiar with all the new rules and actions. We’ll keep you posted on what we think of the game, spoiler free of course. πŸ˜‰

Any good anecdotes about the behavior of your pet(s) while playing a board game?

Jack likes giving advice … and swatting at the table if my friend takes too long to make a move:

Gibbon loves playing Villain decks in Star Wars: Destiny:

Ima just loves cozying up with a little Flamme Rouge:

My cats are pretty good about leaving the table alone when a game is in progress and are instead content to occupy the box lid or bat around empty component baggies.

There was one time, though, where I was playing through some Imperial Assault, testing out some skirmish teams I had assembled, when out of the blue, my cat Gibbon jumps up on the table. Despite numerous miniatures, stacks of cards, and tokens laid out, she interferes with nothing, but in one swift motion: stops in front of the Darth Vader mini, picks him up in her mouth by the lightsaber, and FLINGS him across the room! Then hops down after him, leaving the table otherwise completely unscathed.

It was quite epic. πŸ™‚

It’s not technically a board game, but our attempts at completing a jigsaw puzzle of the Jaws poster were torpedoed when the cat jumped up on the table, pushing the entire top third off the edge and onto the floor.

At least we’d already completed the parts everyone remembers: the title, the lady swimming, and the shark.

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