Last week has been crazy. It’s a shame that the crazy times are work and family related and not board game related, meaning I actually have little to discuss in this blog post, sorry!

Since last weekend we have Clank! and Hanabi in our collection which we hope to play soon when things clear up a little. This also means more games to store somewhere in our house! I’m afraid we will very soon reach the point that we might have to give away some games we own that we don’t like enough to keep in our collection. But that is going to be terribly hard (for me anyway). There are a lot of games we don’t play very often, but we do think are amazing. Should those games make space for other games or should we keep them, even though we play them maybe once every three years or so?

I’m curious.

Do you keep every board game you’ve ever bought (even though you hardly play it) or do you sometimes clean up your collection?

I like you before, during and after you meta. ?

I have about 350 games (my Shelfie is my cover photo at “Franklin Farms Game Nights”), and when it gets past this, I pick about a dozen and give them as “prizes” to visitors at our community game nights. Da4n! There I go spreading the hobby and good will again! ?

I’m not big on moving stuff on, mostly because I like having a collection where I have options rather than a small set of games that I’ll keep coming back to. That said, I am now (finally) moving on some of the games I played when I first started playing that I’ve found I’m no longer interested in playing, but it’s a slow process!

I don’t sell any games. To be honest – I hate selling games and I even don’t sell any Magic: the Gathering cards (even crappy ones).

I think it varies on a case-by-case basis if you keep a game or not. Some games I keep because I really love them, even if it might only be once every three years it gets played. (For the Crown, I’m looking at you.) But if the case is a game isn’t getting played because we would always rather play game XX or YY instead, it might be time for it to move on.

I do not collect games but have a game collection for playing. I have been slowly culling my collection as it grew to an unmanageable level recently.. I do not have the storage room for every game so I am narrowing to games I play often, games my family enjoy even if just rarely, games that I use for hosting community game nights, games that have personal stories/nostalgic reasons for keeping, and games I worked on as a freelancer. If the game does not fit those categories and we have no urge to play the game again or we have another game that we would play in the same mechanics/theme/genre that we prefer, then I cull the redundant game.

While I would love to have the space to keep nearly all the games I’ve owned, space constraints are a real thing and I’m completely unwilling to give up buying new games. So I periodically cull my collection based on how excited I feel about playing the game. If the idea of playing it doesn’t generate excitement, then I’ll sell or trade it. I only do it enough to keep space free for the anticipated influx of games. Right now my collection is holding at about 400 games (plus, according to BGG, over 600 expansions – I store expansions in game boxes whenever I can).

Shut Up & Sit Down had made an interesting point regarding the of collecting board games and space: in so many words, when we’re buying the product, we’re also buying the billboard. Not exclusive to board games, I suppose, but to a greater degree than most, board games are contending on the shelf space with one another to get noticed, to appeal to the eye, to make someone stop and check it out.

As a result, board game boxes have become much larger than they actually need to be for the sake of their contents within.

Recently, I took a trip up to a cabin to play board games with friends. For the sake of space, I took the dozen or so titles I was bringing out of their boxes and consolidated their components. The amount of space saved was stunning. Something that took up my entire living room floor was able to fit into a trunk!

But therein lies the difficult question: as difficult as it is to part with less-played titles, is it any easier to let go of those beautiful boxes and how they all look when shelved up together? By abandoning all the boxes and compressing the component space down to the minimum, one allows oneself more games, but at what cost?? 🙂

Tough decisions … tough decisions …

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