Décorum – A game of passive aggressive cohabitation.

Communicate and compromise while working together to decorate your shared home. Décorum is a cooperative, hidden information game where you and your partner share the same objective: decorate your home in a way that makes you both happy. The problem is, different things make each of you happy and nobody says exactly what they need. Can you find a happy compromise, or is it time to move out?!

Available now with a deluxe acrylic upgrade for direct orders. Check out what the critics are saying!

“I’m so impressed by everything about this game.”Richard Ham, Rahdo Runs Through

“It’s one of the best 2-player games I’ve played in a while!”Marty Connell, Roll Dice & Take Names

“There are lots of laughs in this game!”Ilya & Tyler – Kovray

“I think it’s a solid game and I recommend it.”Alex Radcliffe, BoardGameCo

“Décorum is incredibly fulfilling and dynamic!”Kimberly Tolson, Tabletop Tolson

“Two Thumbs Up! It’s fresh, it’s unique, it’s just so good!”Dan King, The Game Boy Geek

Find Décorum at Floodgate.Games/Decorum and at your local game store!

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