It’s time for our third guest comic, done by JJ Sandee! We know Jan Jaap through our local Netrunner community and he used to run his own webcomic. You might also know him from the guest comic about Smallworld he did last year! This comic about the problem of sorting your games based on color – is there any logical system left? JJ came up with a clever solution. 😉

A few words from Jan Jaap himself:

JJ Sandee spends most of his time teaching software engineering at a university of applied science. Before that he spent a lot of time either doing webdevelopment or trying to make a career in drawing comics. These days I mostly draw for fun or when good friends ask. Or spend my time on any of my too many hobbies. About the comic: Board games tend to have color schemes going, but sorting them can be a bit of a mess. You have to put types together but it might end up looking like a weird mess of colors. Especially if you’re a designer this might be a challenge, luckily there are possible solutions…

Next week, we’ll publish the last guest comic of this summer!

How is your board game collection sorted?

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