We’ve both had a terrible off-week last week after the UK Games Expo. And Heinze always has very interesting dreams when he’s feeling ill..! We’ve been joking that a lot of game publishers have animal names in their company names and we finally wanted to make a comic about that. If I had more time, I could have also included the bigger names that don’t have animals in their name but do have them in their logos. You could start a zoo! 😉

Last week, we’ve played Treasure Island with friends for the first time! And that was fun! I took on the role of Long John Silver and managed to keep the silly pirates away from my treasure, yarrr! It’s not the deepest of games, but I did really enjoy it. I thought it would be a lot harder playing Long John Silver, but I had the luck that I could give some completely useless information to the group with a few hint cards which frustrated them to bits. We did, however, immediately order some chalk markers for some more contrast to increase the visibility of the lines on the board.

On Thursday night I played another game of Crisis with friends! In round six, we noticed that we had accidentally played it on “easy” instead of “medium/hard”. We were already wondering why the economy was at its max all the time. It was interesting to see how that changed the dynamics of the game since nobody really had to pay notice to not crashing the economy and just doing whatever they liked. The game is really starting to grow on me, so many thanks to Calvin for introducing us to it!

Which publishers would you put on your ark?

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