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This comic secretly (no, not really) is a wink to our previous Undaunted comic, which you can read here:

We really enjoy playing Undaunted: Normandy and we can’t wait to play Undaunted: North Africa because we’re really curious about the new setting and scenarios and of course the addition of vehicles!

But since it doesn’t come out until July, we’ll have to wait a little while longer. Last week we’ve played another game of Scythe Digital and nobody was kicked out because of timers running out his time. 😉 And Heinze and I played some smaller two-player games like Watergate and Onitama and we’ve played our first game of The Taverns of Tiefenthal! We’ve been wanting to play that game for a long time, but we just didn’t have the energy to pick up a new game and learn the rules. It turns out it’s a pretty easy game and after playing our first game, we can’t wait to try it again and add some modules to enrich the experience.

On Sunday, we’ve spent most of our free time on building our own tiny bouldering training wall! We’ve “built” the wall plate and now have to paint it, put in the t-nuts, attach it to the wall and fill it up with climbing holds. We’ll share the result on our Instagram account if anybody is interested.

What’s your favorite war game?

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