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Deduction games! We haven’t played them in a while but after our game of Deal with the Devil last week, we remembered how thrilling they can be. The tension at the table of not trying to give away who you are is a completely different mood when compared to a normal game. It also seems a genre that everybody has gotten at least one great story out of, which they will tell every time when someone brings up a social deduction game. 😉

After thinking about social deduction games for a while, this terrible joke popped into our head and we’re (not) sorry about it!

This week we only got to play three games but they were big ones! First up we played Tapestry and after four games we do like it but it seems there are parts of the game that could’ve been cut while at the same time you’re too dependent on the Tapestry cards you draw. It is a shame because we like the concept of the game and the different civilizations break the game in all manner of interesting ways so maybe we just have to put in a house rule of receiving two or three Tapestry cards at the start of the game so you can plan everything a bit more.

Secondly, we played our first game of Tiletum. Heavier euro games are pretty hit-and-miss for us, so we were dreading getting Tiletum to the table a bit but it’s really fun! While thematically it seems to make no sense: you play a rich man that employs a merchant, who just wants to build houses and visit fairs, and an architect, that just travels around to design parts of different cathedrals? Luckily, the different ways of scoring tie together in a fun way and offer you many ways to set up big combos which is always a big plus for us in these types of games. The game is also very variable in its setup so hopefully, that prevents a specific strategy from being an automatic win but we will have to figure that out in future plays.

Lastly, I played my second game of War Room, Rachel isn’t interested in playing a ten-hour World War 2 game but I really enjoy just spending a whole day discussing strategy and seeing the conflict on the very impressive board shift over the course of the day. Even though we played for ten hours, we didn’t get to finish the game, so we’re planning a rematch in April with some stricter time limits, hoping we might be able to finish our first game the next time!

What is your favorite social deduction experience?

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