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We love Root and the fact those silly birds keep overthrowing their government, so we started wondering what would be the silliest thing they’d dethrone a leader for. Thanks to all the expansion news and art Leder Games is putting out, we’ve been playing a lot of Root again and our next game is already planned!

Also, like everyone on the planet, we love Kyle’s art and he’s been doing some live broadcasts on Instagram, we’ve been enjoying and learning from them, so next time Rachel will be able to copy his style even more thoroughly :-P.

In this past week, things have slowed down a bit leaving some time to play some games. We tried Dominant Species which is probably the heaviest and “closest-to-an-actual-war-game” game we’ve played, we did enjoy it but it took almost five hours which make us wonder when we’ll have time to play again. We also played Dragon Castle and it’s a wonderful game which makes it so unfortunate that it already seems to be forgotten under the ongoing tidal wave of new releases.

Speaking of the tidal wave of new releases, AEG has come out in a blogpost to said they will publish fewer games to make sure all of their games are great. We think this is a good decision and we hope this will be a wider trend in the industry, just making a list of game we want to see at UKGE on Tabletop Together made us feel overwhelmed and happy we are going to have fun and meet friends and not deciding on games we should review or make videos about.

Which tiny character flaw would make you decide to dethrone your leader?

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