First of all: Evolution has launched a Kickstarter for their newest expansion ‘Climate’! Check it out hereNorth Star Games keeps unlocking cool stretch goals, so be sure to check out their kickstarter if you’re interested in the game. Oh yeah: you don’t need to own the base game for the climate ‘expansion’. We can’t wait until our copy gets shipped in August! 😀

Evolution is just a beautiful, fun and smart game. From the jawdropping colorful art to the watering hole, starter token and the tiny pouches in which you collect the food tokens – it just screams high production value. The smartness of the game lies in how players actually build an eco system. Yes, you do play against the other players and try to adapt your species to theirs, but it may turn out that your carnivore species aren’t able to attack the opponent’s species due to assigned trait cards and you’ll have to eat a species of your own! The first time that happened to us, we were amazed and loved that. The game doesn’t take too long to play or to set up and all the possible different combinations of the trait cards make sure that no game is the same.

We’ve only played it with the two of us and can’t wait to see what happens when there are at least four players with loads of species on the table that all want the food from the watering hole or are looking to eat each other…

What’s your favorite science based game?

Hi Rachel and Heinze!

This is fantastic. We love it! Can we get permission to post this comic on our website ( ) and on our Facebook page? Just let us know!


I picked up Evolution on a whim a few months ago, and like you, have only played it with two players. Until last night, when I got a chance to play a six-player game. It goes super fast. Hope you get to try it with more players soon!!

I think Evolution shines with more players on the table. Definitely get it to the table with more than 2! Plus the combos open up a bit more since the species can have more traits on them.

I backed the KS as well and can’t wait to get everything in August!

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