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There are a lot of board games with maps and most of those maps are slightly adjusted to fit the wishes of the designer. Logical, but it can sometimes be hilarious.

Last week has been crazy! We’ve changed around our entire work room, dragging around book cases,  essembling all kinds of new furniture and to top it – we hosted a game of Artemis in our house yesterday. For a change: nope, that’s not a board game! Artemis is a Star Trek bridge simulator game and it’s a lot of fun – if you like scifi/Star Trek that is. 😉 We had two bridges (and thus two ships), one upstairs and one downstairs.

And we played the Ticket to Ride: Pennsylvania expansion last week. The addition of the stock shares is really fun, but having the right stock shares can be such a game changer at the scoring phase of the game. We like it!

What are the most inaccurate maps in board games?

Most inaccurate maps? Mmm, can’t help you there, but slightly off-topic: Friedemann Friese (author of Powergrid [Hoogspanning, Funckenschlag]) used actual distances (with some modifiers here and there) between cities to produce the connection values within Power grid, so more of an opposite to your question,

Besides when is it inaccurate (faulty reproduction) and when is it poetic freedom (due to boardsize/hexes/spaces restrictions and the like)? 🙂 Most 18xx would probably fit in the latter category so the tiles could be used in every xx-spinoff

days of wonder..sigh.
recently their game ‘Ticket to Ride: Rails & Sails’ have deleted korea.
this is their respond:

Thank you for your request.
You are right , Korea is not drawn on our cards because we prefer to focus on the game and strategy instead of the exact geography.
Our team are creating the ticket to ride world as a “game world ” not a real one. Sorry about Korea bit I can not promise you it will change … no offense !
Thanks for the attention you pay to our game.”

very disappointed..

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