Ahhh… Dead of Winter. This game has been the cause of quite some distrust at the kitchen table. Dead of Winter is the pure definition of semi co-op gameplay. I love it.

What I think is genius about the game is that, besides a possible traitor, every player has his/her own personal secret objective in the game. Even if the group survives and finishes the main objective of the game, the player that didn’t meet their personal objective still loses the game. These personal objectives can be quite tricky to achieve without looking like a traitor. They vary from things like hording important goods like food and medicine to having a large following of survivors. These personal objectives make it possible for the actual traitor in the group to go about their treacherous behaviour without being noticed immediately.

The last time we played the game I was the actual traitor and prevented the group of winning the game in the last round. I was called a dirty traitor and other less kind things. So if you’re okay with possibly upsetting your friends and distrusting each other, you should definitely give the game a go. 😀

Do you know any other cool semi co-op games?

Archipelago is finally returning to the table for us! We are all colonists trying to build an economy on the archipelago. But the rebels could take over and we lose the game if we can’t maintain the economic balance. There is also a potential traitor (separatist) among us…but can the rest of the colonists set aside their personal gain to contribute to the public good??

Love this game.

realy like this game. i realy like semi-cops.
own Darkmoon (a battle star gelactica exprece type of game).

my favorite at the moment would still go to battle star, i like theme qute a bit, and i hade enough with zombies for a while. altough i have the itch to switch the zombies outh for the minies of my zombicide. instead of cardbord real minis.

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