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Have you seen the picture of the box of Pandemic Legacy season 2? If not and you’re interested, you can find it over here: We’re super excited about it.

One of the translation errors in the Dutch version of Pandemic Legacy created a serious balancing issue that made the game far too easy to collect cards or to retreive action cards. We’re happy that we noticed it on time while playing it, but we’ll stay vigilant while playing a translated version season 2.

We both didn’t have a lot of time for playing board games these last weeks. *sad face*  But this weekend we did start over with Arkham Horror the card game, yay! Last night we played the Curse of the Rougarou and it was quite different from what we’ve played so far! The instructions that came with this expansion were a little bit too limited which left us in the dark on when we should add certain decks that were set aside during the setup of the game. That in combination with some other mistakes we’ve made, made us decide that we’ll retry the scenario even though we did beat the hairy bugger. 😉

Since we missed out on playing our ‘regular amount’ of tabletop games, what have you been playing this last week?

Best boardgame experience last week: GALAXY TRUCKER!! It’s just awesome, laugh at your friends as their space ship get’s reduced to dust and endure while they do the same thing to you! I think it is one of the greatest ‘luck’ games. In some games it looks like you are the only one having bad luck, here everyone has it! The real challange of galaxy trucker is trying to turn that bad luck around.

It was CON OF THE NORTH in the United States in Minnesota … my first ever boardgame convention!

I prototype-tested a deckbuilder called 8-Bit Dash from Brass Dog Games, played in a demo test for Too Many Bones (I believe their Kickstarter runs through 2/21 … check it out!), finally got a chance to play Puerto Rico for the first time, Imperial Settlers, Shadows Over Camelot (I called out the traitor very early on, but we still fell to the Grail quest after the Morgan “draw-three-consecutive-black-cards” card was drawn) … a LOT of FFG Star Wars RPG … and some recently Kickstarted games that I haven’t noticed to be all that publicly available: Brewin’ USA (use select ingredients to brew the best beer to claim the most regions across the country) and Vast: the Crystal Caverns (a dungeon delve game with a twist: each player is a different role with unique objectives … play the Knight and try to kill the Dragon, play the Dragon and try to escape the cave while eating up Goblins, play the Goblins and mess with the Knight, play the Thief and steal from everyone, even play the Cave and bring down tricks while you try to trap everyone inside!).

Whew! 🙂

It was so great to see so many enthusiastic and friendly people come together for this great hobby.

Fantasy Epic PVP was pretty much the sum total of my recent boardgaming experiences. Unless we count the trip to Texas to visit my family.

Then, we can throw in Gloom, Betrayal at House on the Hill (the traitor almost lost. Almost.), Shadowrun: Crossfire and…I think that’s it.

I have finally played Agricola for the first time, and I can understand why people love it, will definitely try to play again. Other than that, I have tried Imperial Settlers (quite good) and Exoplanets for the first time as well. And for the last, I have fallen in love with Netrunner (core only for now), I don’t understand, why did it take me so long to try it, it is amazing, and I cannot wait to pull someone in my play group to play with me some more.

Just got Mechs vs Minions, can’t wait to try it with my Coop club. Last game was T.I.M.E. stories, the Marcy case. Very much enjoyed ourselves, what a thematic blast!
PL:1, we kept our eyes on the BGG thread where a Dutch version was kept updated. However, we played the second edition, so many errors were fixed by then.

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