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Luckily, Apollo is actually quite reasonable with board games! He doesn’t tend to lie down in the center of the table like Starbuck did. He does, however, love the lids of boxes and mostly the ones that are way too tiny for his size, classic, and also fun for our entertainment.

Last week was nice! We had quite some time off of work to get some much-needed rest. And also some board games, of course. 😉 On Monday, Heinze had a friend over and they played some Sniper Elite! In both of the games they played, the Sniper was victorious! Sniper Elite is such a fun asymmetrical hidden movement game. I understand the theme is not for everybody, but the game is much lighter than it looks.

We played some games of Paperback (on our phones). The Kickstarter of the 10th-anniversary edition of Paperback was funded and did well, so Fowers Games are offering the Paperback app for free on iOS and Android for a few days, well, or at least it will be free for Android again. We’ll keep you posted! Speaking of the new edition of the game, Tim actually asked me to design one of the new fame cards. I did experience a little bit of impostor syndrome among all the other giants of awesome board games artists that were asked though. The other fame cards look amazing. 🙂

We continued our Artisans of Splendent Vale campaign! I love the world-building and story but, personally, I’m not really sold on the combat part of the game which feels a little fiddly. It doesn’t help that the scenario we played was a bit quirky and it felt like we were just busy turning the cogs of a machine instead of playing the game. Luckily, we have a great group for playing the game and we’re all very curious about what the creativity Artisans will show us later on in the game.

On Saturday, we finally did it. We finally played a real-life six-player game of New Angeles! Heinze bought a copy of the game after playing it online during Covid two years ago but we hadn’t played it yet. We had an awesome group with mostly Netrunner players that are familiar with the Android universe. We’ve written our first impression over on Instagram if you’re curious!

Yesterday, we had a fun afternoon of painting minis with friends. We always enjoy coming together, sharing our pool of paints and other cool terrain stuff and we just have a great time painting random miniatures and experimenting with colors and techniques. I’ve got to say, it’s very handy to have a 3D printer in this case so we can just print all kinds of cool miniatures!

What distracts you the most during playing board games?

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