Hank Green, whom you might know from the VlogBrothers Youtube channel (which he runs with his brother John) has launched a kickstarter project for a card game: Wizard School! It seems like an interesting co-op game with a popular and fun theme. A gameplay video can be found here. There are still three days left to back the project, so you can still reserve yourself a copy of the game if you’re interested!

A little explanation about the comic: Hank and John Green also run a podcast together, Dear Hank & John, in which they answer questions, give advice and tell each other facts about either AFC Wimbledon or the planet Mars, so we’ve been fascinated about the idea of combining those two things in a game.

There are so many kickstarters nowadays! It’s fascinating to see how quickly the tabletop industry is growing. Although I love digital games, I very much enjoy the interaction with other people while playing ‘analog’ games, so I for one welcome this rise of tabletop games. The little free space left in our house, unfortunately, doesn’t. 😉

What do you think is the most interesting tabletop kickstarter project at the moment?

I can’t wait for “The 7th Continent”, so reminiscent of CYOA, video games and so much more. (Well, maybe the fact that i’m french and the project too is the main reason why i’m so enthusiastic about this).

But if i can choose any KS i’ve supported, i think i’d choose Battalia : deck-building, board construction and heroes’ fighting. (Just realize that’s another “board creation” game, i’m maybe obsessive about that mechanic)

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