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Really, don’t put too much pressure on yourself and take care! For quite a period we both experienced that we were just too tired at the end of the day to just do anything. To learn that new game, to initiate that cool idea we had for Semi Co-op or anything creative, somehow we just couldn’t and that was frustrating. We also quickly learned to accept it and that whether you “actively” notice it or not, the changes to normal day life just takes a strain on you.

I’m happy to say that we are slowly getting back up again though. Last week we’ve The Crew, Agricola, Godtear and this weekend we played our first game of High Rise – it arrived, hurray! And the game looks glorious. It looks way more intimidating than it is, we were both surprised by the quickness and relatively simple rules of the game. In many ways it reminded us of Parks and Tokaido, only you’re building buildings in the process and get bonuses if you or another player stops to take an action at your building. A big part of the available actions players can take are randomly drawn tiles, which makes us very curious about what our next experience will be!

AEG was kind enough to send us a copy of Tiny Towns and Space Base and in the afternoon we’ve played Tiny Towns. The game reminded us of roll and write like games, placing the right resources in tetris shapes on your player board until you can place a building there. What we’re really enthusiastic about is the variety between games. Our second game was completely different from our first because the building cards are picked randomly in each category. Again, a game that we think offers a lot of replayability and we’re looking forward to playing again (also: it’s nice and short!).

How are you holding up?

As parents of two autistic kids, my wife and I are stretched pretty thin normally. With the Covid stay at home and everything being shut down, especially their school and therapy center, it’s been much worse. Especially for my wife, who is a stay-at-home mom. We’ve even had to put our older child on medication, after refusing to do so for years, simply because he was becoming dangerous to himself and others with increased aggressive behavior. Thankfully their center reopens today, so hopefully both kids will get back on a more even keel soon.

Ohh, that’s really tough and that’s a difficult decision to make, especially if you’ve managed this long without having to use medication. 🙁 Hopefully, things will calm down a little for your family. Thanks for sharing! <3

It’s a mixed bag for sure. I feel I have all the time in the world, yet not enough time at all. All three of us (wife, cat & myself) have had various medical issues (not Covid thankfully!), so not working has made it easier to schedule medical appointments. I’ve had more time to work on my music, but sometimes my wife’s insomnia or my seasonal allergies keeps me from singing at full volume.

As for gaming, we have broken out some new stuff: Catan Starfarers, Copenhagen and Heckmeck Extrawurm (Great expansion!). We also find ourselves playing old favorites: Pandemic, Agricola, Ticket to Ride. We play a lot of Quiddler at night. It’s easy to play on the sofa or in bed since it doesn’t take much space.

Holding up ok. It helps to have a routine and things to look forward to. One of the big high points of my week is your guy’s comic, as I’ve found so many games I want to try or own through what you guys have shared, as well as just the general positivity you put into every frame. I do miss my gaming group, but at least I have something to look forward to when things get back to normal.

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