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This week’s comic features one of our patrons, Darrel! He won an appearance in one of our comics during the Winter raffle! This coming Thursday, we’ll be giving away prizes in our Spring Raffle! So if you’re interested in winning a signed print of one of our comics of your choice, one of our merchandise items or… an appearance in one of our comics, you can become a patron over at our Patreon page:! 😀

The comic is about the semi co-operative game Battlestar Galactica. We’ve always been fans of the (new) series and certainly don’t mind games with hidden traitor mechanisms, BUT we’ve actually never played this game yet. And now it’s out of print, so it’s time to start asking around if anybody owns a copy we can borrow. I hope we do get to play the game one day. 🙂

Last week, Leder Games launched their Kickstarter for an expansion for Root! And since we really like Root, we figured this would be a great moment to make the propaganda poster we designed for this comic, free to download for anybody who would like some nice Root-decoration! You can download them here for free, but do note that you can only print and use them for personal usage. Enjoy!

Games with a hidden traitor element: yay or nay?

BSG is a really good game for hidden traitors, and always got a ton of play at our group’s table (which i miss!). It’s v sad that it’s out of print. Obvs im a fan of hidden traitor elements: bsg, werewolf, resistance, though im not a huge fan of the current hidden traitor darling secret hitler.

@RJ – Have you tried Dead of Winter? I love the fact that in the initial stages of the game, you’re not even sure IF there’s a traitor. I’ve only had a couple of goes of this, so far we’ve not had a traitor, and it’s still really hard… I can’t wait for my first traitor game…

BSG is still after years my favorite traitor element game simply because it’s the most fun game to be the traitor in my opinion. Sadly the game suffers from being pretty rules heavy with too much going on for most casual players so I always have a hard time getting it to the table.

Hidden traitors are great when they are well implemented as a design feature, such as with BSG and Betrayal at the House on the Hill, because they add an element of uncertainty and tension to the game. Party games especially benefit from this.

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