Hello, everyone! We’re Leder Games, a long-time fan of Semi Co-op’s delightful comics. We were so excited when they agreed to create one for the new Fort: Cats & Dogs Expansion!

After Fort’s success, we knew just the expansion to make—it was time for the kids to get pets! Whether you want to play with dogs or cats or both, the Cats & Dogs Expansion unlocks tons of new strategies and makes Fort even deeper. This little tuckbox packs a big punch!

Dogs are loyal. You can only play a dog if you meet their needs, but they’ll give you a powerful one-time action and stick with you in your doghouse. At the end of the game, you’ll score a ton of points if you have the most dogs in your doghouse!

Cats are fickle. If your Yard has the right cards, you’ll attract a cat, giving you an ability that boosts your actions. Diversifying your deck will help you attract more cats, and denying your rivals certain cards will help you protect your own cats! The more cats you have at the end, the more points you score.

With 26 pieces of unique and whimsical art by Kyle Ferrin, and this expansion will have your friends begging to play.

You can order Fort and the Fort: Cats & Dogs Expansion right meow on our webstore!

Or, check in with your Friendly Local Game Store, they’ll be able to get their paws on Fort: Cats & Dogs in October.

Are you team cats or dogs?

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