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I actually tried playing random cards in BattleCON to see what would happen. It was quite an interesting fight! Although it was a close call, I didn’t win. And it’s a good thing that knowing what you actually do pays off, but nonetheless we had a lot of fun trying it. The K.O. letters are a big wink to the original Streetfighter game for the people that don’t recognize it. I’m button masher in fighting games, because I’m terrible at learning button combinations by heart AND button mashing mostly works (for me anyway).

I’ve updated the hosting for this website because of a lots of traffic that came in from Reddit last week (this topic). Hello to all the new readers! Thank you all for your kind words and enthousiasm, it really motivates me to keep producing these comics. 🙂 Anyway, I ran out of 60GB of bandwidth in 3 days.  That shouldn’t be a problem anymore since we upgraded to unlimited bandwidth to make sure you can keep reading the strips no matter what.

We played Dungeon Petz for the first time yesterday! It’s a fun game, but I do think it has quite a steep learning curve. There are a lot of little tiny rules to keep track of. Heinze and me would really want to play it again, because we would now actually know what to do from the very start. And so many ideas for comics…

What’s your favorite fighting board or card game?

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