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Our Summer Break is over, did you enjoy the board game facts comics? We might want to let them return at a later point, so any feedback would be very welcome!

We went on a multi-day hike in the Alps and we thought we would have all the time in the afternoon to chill and play some games. So, we printed seven different micro-games (since every gram counts on a hike) from PNPArcade so we had a wide variety of games we could play on our hike. Unfortunately, it turned out we might have been a tad underprepared for the different legs of our hikes and we always arrived at the huts just in time for dinner and were so tired we never ended up playing any of them! The hike itself was a big success though and we had a wonderful time enjoying all the beautiful vistas as you can see on the video of the third day on the left.

We have played seven of the eight games, so we can tell you about them. Circle the Wagon and Skulls of Sedlec we already discussed a few weeks ago. Confusing Lands has some similar ideas as Circle the Wagons but adds in scoring conditions to the landscape you’re building, which is a cool twist. It is free and while the different scoring abilities can be a bit tricky to get right we think it is very enjoyable.

Death Valley is a push-your-luck game in which you build a little tableau of things you can do in Death Valley. It’s pretty clever and we’re surprised a how many different strategies are possible within the eighteen cards of the game, we wouldn’t be surprised if someone would expand some of these mechanisms into a bigger game somehow.

Lastly, All is Bomb is a strange little puzzle card game by BlaΕΎ Gracar, who also made LOK, which we love (and now has a demo for an upcoming digital version)! In this game, you’re trying to get the right breakfast for a princess, but everything is also a bomb. This means every card has a dormant and an ignited stage each with their own abilities, after the second time you play a card it explodes and is discarded. It’s all about cleverly stacking the deck so you can play the ignited princes with the ignited prophecied food in the same turn to win. We like this one a lot more as a solo game but as with Death Valley, we suspect something is already dissecting its design to put into a bigger deckbuilder or even TCG.

Other than that we’ve mostly played Moorland these last week and we suspect it might be one of the hits at Spiel. We realize we are a little biased because we got to make a comic about it but it’s a nice-looking nature-themed tile-laying game with a very unique twist on how you use resources. We enjoyed our three games with two players and we’re hoping some friends want to try it at our next game night to if it’s fun with higher player counts.

If you had a vacation this summer, what did you do?

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