Hip Hip, hurray! It’s Semi Co-op’s anniversary this week (tomorrow to be precise!).ย  It’s been such a fun ride and we can only hope to be celebrating this event for many more years to come. To actually give ourselves time to celebrate a little, we’re going to keep this blog post short. We still need to get some pie to celebrate and the shops are closing soon. ๐Ÿ˜‰

We’ve also been working on something special and are happy that we can finally launch it: our brand-new Semi Co-op pop-up store! The biggest and for us probably the for us scariest new addition is that we now offer prints of our comics and you can FINALLY order a print of our “Know Your Cubes”-poster that we’ve designed for a comic back in 2021. The reason it took us this long is that we just couldn’t find a printing service that got the colors of the cubes right. We then decided to do it ourselves! For now, this is a temporary pop-up store and we will keep it online until Summer. We will be adding cool new products during the coming months but we’ll keep you posted about that.

And yes, we do have this week’s comic as a wallpaper for your computerย or phone!

What was your most-played game eight years ago?

Happy Birthday. Did found out about you only a few weeks ago and crawl through the comics like crazy since. My list of games to check out is also growing way to quick, after all the fine recommendations under each comic. So sadly my collection will have to grow even further, but this is not really a bad thing either, right? ๐Ÿ˜‰
Stay safe, play hard and looking forward for more of your great content.

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