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Spiel Spiel Spiel Spiel! It seems everybody is busy preparing for Spiel this week and we are no exception. If it is your first time going to Essen, we teamed up with Ella from Ella Loves Board Games to give you some preparation tips! We’re super happy that she said yes to our proposal to make this comic because Ella has traveled to board game conventions all over the world so she is the perfect person to give some advice.

Speaking of Spiel, we’ve got some fun things planned! We’re going to be on the Asmodee live stream on Saturday at 13.30 CET making a game in just 30 minutes with Gil Hova, designer of the Networks and Wordsy! We proposed to have Gil as the designer during our game jam so we’re excited that it all worked out! We’ll also be at the Gaming Rules meetup on Thursday, so if you really want to say hi or snap a selfie it is a lot easier to spot us there instead of trying to find us in one of the eight(!) halls.

If you’re not going to Spiel we have a little surprise in store for you on our social media, so be on the lookout for that. We don’t want to spoil too much but we’re going to switch things up a bit…

With all the preparations for this week, we haven’t played a ton of games. We did however pick up Gloomhaven again which is still a great dungeon puzzler, we’re now 27 plays in and we’re still curious about what we will encounter and unlock. We also played some Codenames, Color Brain: Disney edition and Century: Golem Edition.

Well, we’re off to pack our luggage as lightly as possible to make room for all the games, see you soon!

Do you have a great tip when preparing for a con?

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