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Northgard is a lighter 4X game and besides winning by having the most victory points at the game’s end, there’s also an alternative win condition! Whoever manages to build three large buildings in areas they control and make it until the end of the round, wins the game immediately rendering all the VPs worthless. Personally, we like the dynamic this gives the game and it also gives a good incentive to attack other players and there’s something very satisfying about winning the game this way. I believe that in most of the games we’ve played, the game ended with a player having built three large buildings. Now, we didn’t play Northgard this week, but we did feel like making a comic about it since this situation happened during our last game. 😉

What did we play this week? On Monday night, Heinze played a game of Starquest with a couple of friends. Our friend wasn’t sure if he wanted to sell his copy and wanted to play it at least one more time before making a decision. As far as I know, everybody at the table agreed that the game has aged quite a bit and that there just are better games to play nowadays.

The weather reached summerly temperatures this week at 28 degrees Celsius (82.4 F) so we grabbed this rare moment to have a barbecue… in April! In daily life, we eat little to no meat so we ended up with only vegetables and some fish, which was delicious. The burger you see in the video is a mushroom burger for those wondering. 😉 In the evening we continued our Middara tutorial. We’ve decided to play the game with four characters even though we usually play it with three players and this night that paid off. Since we have a spare character (sort of like the backup car in the Top Gear specials), we can invite other people to join the game!

We also did a thing this week that we hadn’t done in a long time, we’ve got a giveaway going on on our Instagram! Iello was kind enough to let us give away a copy of Unmatched Adventures: Tales to Amaze. We’ve made a snazzy little video and it’s still running. So if you have an Instagram account (or maybe a friend or family member who has one), you can join in here: https://www.instagram.com/p/C6gYxYWNjDW/ We can honestly say that we really like the game, so it’s really cool that we can gift a copy for free to somebody. 🙂 It’s a hard game though! We’ve never beaten the Mothman yet and that’s the easier of the two villains…

On Thursday, we played a weird one, Microscope. It’s a roleplaying… storytelling game, in which players together form a world. We ended up with a world in which Kings were chosen by the eye of a storm and the weather gods were heavily involved with the people in the world. It was an interesting game and I’ll be honest I was surprised we ended up with ‘something’ in the end. The next, let’s call it, creative RPG we’d like to try out is The Quiet Year. On Friday night friends came over and wanted to play a light game, while at the same time pulling Age of Steam from their bag. Not really my idea of a “light” game, but fine! 😀 The game was less complicated than I thought but the fact that you can be eliminated in the first round, is rough. Luckily that didn’t happen though!

We also received our Kickstarter copy of Galactic Renaissance (yes, it came in a big Slay the Spire box). We already had a prototype copy that we really liked but we ended up backing the Kickstarter nonetheless because we liked it so much. Now that leaves us with the question: what to do with the prototype?

Do you know a lot of games with alternate win conditions?

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