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Technology is amazing nowadays! The fact that we can change the atmosphere in a room with a single tap on our phone and that it’s possible to 3D print anything we like is just a crazy thing! I don’t think we would have believed you ten years ago that we would be able to print high-quality miniatures in our own home. A resin printer is a little bit of a hassle because we want to use it safely and take the necessary precautions, but the results are amazing. Fancy RGB lights are less effort luckily! They’re cool for the general atmosphere and nice for storytelling games, as long as you’re not playing actual board games because in that case: the clearer and brighter the light, the better! Especially when playing with colorblind people. 🙂 Now ChatGPT… I guess it could be handy to get some inspiration from it when thinking of a backstory for your character? It might give you angles and ideas you otherwise would never have thought about!

Last week we played another interesting variety of games! We started off the week with a game of Mice and Mystics. We’ve started playing the campaign with friends but we’re also discovering that the playing time of 90 minutes that the box says… might be a little optimistic? Or maybe the first scenario is just very long? We weren’t able to finish it and will have to finish it next time.
On Thursday we played another game of Galactic Renaissance and we still really enjoy the game! Absolutely a recommendation if you like sci-fi-themed games with some deckbuilding, area control, and creative scoring. The game’s currently still on Kickstarter if you’d like to learn more. We ended the night with a little brain teaser puzzle with Turing Machine. On Friday we finally continued our travels and adventures in Artisans of Splendent Vale. We’ve got to say that it’s not a perfect game and it has its flaws, but we are having a lot of fun with it and like discovering what the game(world) has to offer.

This weekend, Heinze played his third game of War Room! …And alas, like previous plays, they were not able to actually finish the game in ten hours – not even after some strategic preparations. My mind is just blown by the scale of this game and I feel very little need to ever play it. 😉 Games that take longer than five hours in one sitting are really a no-go for me, my head will get foggy and I lose my focus.

Oh and in case you missed it, we posted two extra comics last week. We finished our series about Let’s Go! To Japan and we published another SheGames comic! 

Do you enhance your RPG sessions in any way?

Well made miniatures and some good theme music always help. One session my friend made drinks but put them in potion glasses. These potions were usable through out the campaign and gave us some buffs every time we drank one.

Yes Mice & Mystics is clearly longer than announced. I’m a crazy customizer and yeah everything that can enhance the experience of gaming i’m found of. Still some players are disturbed by music when they try to think, or the lights. Better ask them what they like and dislike. Pleasure for all, that’s the aim. I customize my favourite games, and a few more who inspire me. Many games are better with Lego minifigures for example, i Legomized Raptor, Mister Jack, Forbidden Island and Desert with Lego, even Clank ! I paint tokens and figurines, even the boards and tokens.

Love War Room. The Global game is crazy long and we’ve only done it twice. However, we’ve gotten pretty good about getting the North Africa and Eastern Front scenarios done in a single evening. We’ve incorporated the quick battle into our global games and that helps a bit and doesn’t take away too much from the overall combat rolling experience.

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