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So last week we were already surprised by our Secret Santa! That was way earlier than we expected! We received a package with Dragon Castle in it! After playing it at Spiel this year, this game ended up high on our list, so we’re super happy with the gift. Thank you so so much! And our Santa even hinted that this is not the only package. We feel spoiled to bits. <3 This week, we’ll get busy with taunting our target and hopefully, we manage to give him or her an awesome BGG Secret Santa experience this year. 🙂

We also continued our Gloomhaven campaign and we were doing ok in a rather difficult scenario until we triggered something. We didn’t see that coming and deemed it impossible and we were already discussing what we would do differently in our second try. Just for fun and to prove that this really was an impossible situation, we did continue playing the scenario. And no way, but yes, we actually did it. We won the scenario we had already given up on. That was simply amazing and we will have more faith in our own characters next time. 😉

And underestimating ourselves might have been a theme. We participated in a team bouldering competition on Saturday with four friends and we were able to do way more boulders than we had anticipated. Ok ok, lesson learned, we can do way more than we sometimes think.

Yesterday we’ve played… Dungeons & Dragons! It’s been over six or seven years since we last played a session, so that was really exciting! All the players had either played DnD a few times a looonggg time ago, or had never played it before. Luckily, our DM did a fantastic job. It was supposed to be a one-shot, but everybody was eager for more in the end. So who knows, maybe that giant stash of dice in our house might one day be used for roleplaying games.

In case you missed them, these are the extra comics that we published, sponsored by

Extra comic #003 – Tempting
Extra comic #004 – Third Time’s a Charm

Oh, and it’s Heinze’s birthday today – hurray! 😀

What do you do with your expansion boxes?

I used to throw my expansion boxes away, too. Recently, inspired by a post on /r/boardgames, I’ve started to instead empty them out entirely and use poster strips to put them up on the wall around the board games. Looks *super* spiff, really neat decoration.

I used to try to keep the expansion boxes, but space only goes so far. Now I combine them as much as possible to save space. While the art is cool, there are times when backing a project on KS where I wish I could communicate that I just want the bits because I’m not going to keep the super-cool UV-screened, backer-only box unless it replaces/upgrades the old one. It’s bad enough when some games arrive and the box is mainly that big to store the rules – the actual components are not even 1/10th of the box size. Getting two of those with an expansion is just wasted space.

I like Carighan’s idea, but I wouldn’t really have a place to do that in our house. Some of the artwork really _is_ good – or tells a story like I saw w/ the King/Queen Domino boxes. It’s just not that practical.

Besides, a lot of times the expansion just makes sense to store with the game because you’ll play the game with one or more expansions or a mix of everything.

Depends on the game. Dominion, I need all of the expansion boxes to hold all the friggin’ cards. Other games, when the expansion fits nicely and neatly in the core box or a box especially designed to hold all of the things? Yeah. Boxes gotta go. I have space concerns.

Extra Comic 003 is brilliant. It’s particularly funny for me because I did just buy 3x of a game to give away. (Well… one will probably stay with me. 😛 )

As for expansion boxes, most lived in our basement for quite some time because… well, because. However, we recently moved and sadly, they did not make the cut. It was hard but somewhat cathartic to get rid of those.

One expansion box did live on, however… I found that the Legendary Dark City expansion box was perfect to stick into my Ashes: Rise of the Phoenixborn box… it has now found new life as my organizer for Ashes!

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