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We talked about Fisheries of Gloucester before and we couldn’t help ourselves and make this joke… I mean, have you seen the logo of Dr. Finn’s Games? 😀 

So last week has been a busy week with four game nights! Tuesday was our Descent night and we continued the campaign, we enjoyed this scenario and we’re impressed at the variety the game has to offer! Thursday we planned to play the unplayed copy of Betrayal at House on the Hill (3rd edition) of a friend. It’s always a bit chaotic in the middle of the game when the players and the betrayer have to ‘learn’ the new ruleset when the Haunt begins but I assume that’s something that’ll go more smoothly after a few plays. The last time we played Betrayal was at least six years ago and the other two players had never played it before but luckily, the game is really simple at its core and it almost feels like a party game from time to time. We ended the night with Hanabi, another game I don’t even remember how long it has been since we played it!

On Friday morning, Heinze tested a prototype of Robin David, the designer of games like Letterpress and Luzon Rails. I can’t say very much about it, except that he said he had a great time! In the evening, it was time to get our brains working. A friend got himself a copy of Threads of Fate, which is quite an impressive puzzle game. We also played the Wilson Wolfe Affair together a few years back which was slightly too complex. Threads of Fate was more doable for our slightly tired minds on a Friday night and solving one puzzle doesn’t take multiple hours. Another big plus of the game is that it’s divided into parts 1 – 4 each taking about three hours to solve. We liked the puzzles and like that they used an existing dataset meaning you have to search for answers online for some puzzles. We’ve already got the next night planned and we’re curious if the difficulty of the puzzles will increase or will stay about the same.

On Saturday, we made pizza and played a game of Artisans of Splendent Vale! We love the game’s concept and how detailed the world is but the thing is that we do not really like the player characters. We’re still having a great time with the game itself and will keep playing but the characters are currently our biggest struggle. And since the scenario that we played was a little shorter, we had some time for some more games. Let’s just say that our mood was kind of ‘derpy’ so we got out the good stuff: Fish & Katz and two games from the Brick Games from Itten Games, Viking See-Saw and Stick Collection. Each of them silly, but a great time.

On Sunday we played two games of Aqua: Biodiversity in the Oceans, a game we’ve played five times now but we’re still unsure what we think about it. The game is trickier than it presents itself to be and that’s mostly because of the way the tiles are designed. We’ll probably play it a few more times to see why the game doesn’t seem to click with us as much as we thought it would or maybe it’ll start to click! We’ll make sure to share our thoughts on Instagram.

This week will be a little less intense than last week, although we do have a game of Battlestar Galactica planned, looking forward to that!

What’s the most cutthroat game you ever played?

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