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Shout-out to r-n-w.net, the great font we used in the flowchart is made by Rose who creates adventures, makes cute tabletop accessories and produces handy game master tools.

To buy or not to buy, that’s sometimes the question. Especially if somebody you know already has their eyes on a certain game! :’D Having as many games as we do, we tend to question ourselves: how often would we actually play this game if we owned a copy? And wouldn’t that most likely be with the person that wants to buy a copy themselves?

Heat: Pedal to the Metal is one of those games that we’re both really interested in. A friend mentioned this weekend that they are thinking about adding Heat to their collection, raising the question of this week’s comic. We already own Flamme Rouge and love the game, would we play Heat enough to justify the expense? We’re still on the fence about that. It might also just happen that we impulse buy Heat the next time we’re at our FLGS because you know… supporting local businesses is important. 😉

A game we love but we’re OK with not owning ourselves is Xia: Legends of a Drift System! We’ve played it twice this weekend, with five players on Saturday and since the game was left at our home, we couldn’t resist playing another game with just the two of us on Sunday. We also quickly concluded that the game even takes a long time with just two players and we’re fine with playing it just a few times a year. We’ve written a little about our five-player game on Instagram if you’re interested.

Sticking to the space genre, we also played a two-player game of Galactic Renaissance and we were really surprised that the game works just as well with two players. Chapeau! On Thursday we played one of the scenarios of the Destinies scenario Myth & Folklore and we really enjoyed the creativity that has been put into the game experience of that expansion so far. All in all, we haven’t played a lot of games, but they sure were epic.

And in case you missed it, we published an extra comic last Thursday about Deal with the Devil!

Do you keep your friends’ collection in mind when you want to buy a new game?

The BGG rating is a terrible metric of whether you’d enjoy a game or not. Yes, most games rated more than 6 are likely to be solid and playable, but that doesn’t mean they’re fun for you. Similarly, there might be some games rated below 6 that are entirely your thing (usually due to small number of ratings, but sometimes a certain mechanism or theme might gel better with you than the majority) that you’d be ignoring. Look at Ark Nova as an example, number 4 as of the time of writing, but there’s a vocal contingent who absolutely hate it.

It’s unlikely to be possible to check out everything you might like before you buy it, but at least have a look at what other people have said, particularly if you can find people who rate other games you like and dislike similarly to you.

I do keep in mind my friend’s game collections when I buy games/back them on KS. A game has to be one I really, really like to buy if 1-3 of my friends already have it, especially since I mostly play board games with the same group of people. Would rather not duplicate too much. It’s generally worked out ok? When 3 people I regularly game with all have, say Terraforming Mars…does it makes sense for me to get a copy? Not really.

Especially since there are a bazillion other awesome games to get!

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