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You’ve got so many games, you surely can miss a few of them, right? And that’s sort of true. We’re fine with people borrowing games, as long as we know who’s borrowing them and we know they’ll be careful with it. But some titles have been gone for over a year now, so it might be time for us to inquire if people would still like to play them or else return them to our shelves. 😉

Last week we had an interesting and varied gaming week! We kicked off on Tuesday by playing Mental Blocks and a game of Letter Jam. On Thursday we continued our Gloomhaven campaign (my character is soooo close to retiring and I’m looking forward to it!) and on Friday we played our first game of Pharaon. On Saturday we had planned a game day with a niece of mine and we played The Voyages of Marco Polo, Wayfinders, Valley of the Vikings and Exploding Kittens. And no, we had never played Exploding Kittens before, apparently, that is rather rare, haha.

So we’ve been doing really well playing all the new games we’ve gotten at Spiel. I believe we’ve still got eight unplayed games left. Some of these are a little harder to get on the table, but really looking forward to playing it, like Sabotage which requires exactly four players and The King’s Dilemma – which is a legacy game and we’re still figuring out who’ll want to play that with us.

My schedule doesn’t allow me to write down a first impression of every new game we’ve played, but I recommend following us on Instagram for that, we often try to write one there as well. I wish everybody a wonderful week!

Are you ok with people borrowing your games?

I’m a member of a club, and I dont have any problem with leaving my games there for any other member to play when I’m not there… provided they take care of them. No need to treat them like they are made of soap bubbles, but the bare minimum should be that I dont have to run all over the place looking for missing pieces 😛

Depending on who wants to lend them. I am leading a Group of 12 Kids (6 to 12 years) and None of them will ever get to Play with my games without me supervising them! But the People in my Gaming Groups can lend whatever they want, because I know they will treat them right. Also I can lend from them whatever I want (exept Gloomhaven they are still not through with that).

Definitely depends on the game, and on who is asking. I have a few favourite games that are irreplaceable (because they’re permanently out of print) and I probably just wouldn’t lend them out because I’d be worried about what it would do to my relationship with the borrower if something happened to them. I’m also more fussy about having these games damaged than with the games that are easier to replace.
If a good friend asks to borrow a widely available game, sure. Although I would maybe carefully point out some general rules about treatment to my non-gamer-y friends — many people don’t care about things that I do care about (like damage to the box from being banged around in a bag, playing on dirty/greasy tables, playing while eating…).

In actual fact, nobody has ever asked to borrow any of my games, so…

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