Hey everyone! I’m Phoebe Wild, the creator of LudoCherry and one half of the team bringing it to life on Kickstarter right now.

LudoCherry is a new kind of geeky clothing that lets you wear your love for tabletop games on your sleeve, no matter where you are! Our range includes button-up shirts and circle skirts, in four unique fabrics that we’ve designed to blend in with your everyday wardrobe while also containing references to iconic elements of tabletop games. 

One of those fabrics, Meeple Garden, has been designed by Semi Co-op’s own Rachel Kremer so of course we had to ask her and Heinze to create a comic for us! You can see a sample of Rachel’s gorgeous design in the comic, a watercolour-style floral print with meeples hidden amongst the flowers. You really can’t see the geekiness unless you’re looking for it, so you can get away with wearing it to the office or a nice dinner as well as to game night!

LudoCherry is live (and funded) on Kickstarter right now, so please take a look if you’re interested in some stylish geeky clothing:

We’re also proud to say that we are creating our clothing using 100% cotton fabric, and in an inclusive range of sizes (shirts in S-4XL and skirts in 6-24). Our clothes are also ethically and sustainably made (and yes, the skirts have HUGE pockets).

Thank you to Rachel and Heinze for creating the comic for us, and for letting us share our project with all of you!


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