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The Gloomhaven kickstarter for the second printing has nearly ended, only 17 hours left. So if you want to prevent the situation above, you can still make sure you get a copy. -> https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1350948450/gloomhaven-second-printing/

The shirt Heinze is wearing a shirt from the YouTube channel Actualol. If you like board games and you don’t know it yet, you should definitely check it out.

This weekend was International Tabletop Day and the badges we published last week have reached a lot of people! Yay, thanks everybody for sharing, I really appreciate it. 🙂

We’ve not played a ton of games on Saturday, only two plays of Flashpoint and some Lost Legacy. And that’s mainly because we played a lot of games on Thursday and Friday like Mysterium, Ticket to Ride: Nederland, Bang!, Pocket Madness and Bloodrage.

I believe this year’s Tabletop Day was a great success and that leaves me with the question:

What games did you play on Tabletop Day?

I played seven unique games and 8 games in total on Saturday 🙂 The games were Welcome to the Dungeon (first game of the day), Five Tribes, Multiuniversum, Scythe, Star Realms in five people, Small World, and finally The Grizzled – first time I played it with more than two players and it surprised me how much difficulty it adds.
Anyways thanks for the badges! People were going ham for them, they were contantly coming to our table to check which one they deserve 😀

I only had time for one game on saturday, ICE COOL! Nice and fun game. Ideal for those moments where you want to play something light and fun.

Of the three situations where Ice Cool was brought to the table, it was intended as a quick filler…

…but in all three instances, it proved impossible to play a single game and we ended up playing it for as long as a “full” game! 😀

(Such is the case for dexterity games, I’ve found: only after a full play does one usually feel that they’ve “got” it … and then, of course, want to play again now that they’ve got the feel of it down)

We started TableTop Day with a demo of Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle with the designer of the game. Then we played a 2P game of Dragoon, followed by a 4P game of Dragoon! It’s a lot more interesting with four! Then we played a practice round of Lords of Waterdeep, and capped it of with the Blue Highway Games (Seattle) Board Game Challenge, a 34 person tournament of Lords of Waterdeep! (6 tables of 5 and a table of 4) where the top 5 scores – not me or my wife – went to the top table for a final round! This TableTop Day was a lot of fun!!!

It turned in to International TableTop weekend for me – from Saturday to Monday I’ve played:
Millenium Blades (one of the best games I’ll probably never buy! It’s got a lot of nuances, and you can see that it’d be fantastic for people who play it regularly, but alas I like to vary the games I play)
Colt Express
Pandemic (using the Lab Expansion, Virulent Strain epidemics, WorldWide Panic mutated virus – bit off more than we could chew…)
7 Wonders
Rhino Hero
Ticket To Ride First Journeys

I had a moment of panic and indecision about the Gloomhaven KS. I really wanted it, but can’t really afford a KS of that size right now. I was super-relieved to discover that it’s coming to retail after the KS though, so I can wait until then. Relief!

I had relatives visiting and completely forgot about Tabletop Day only to accidentally have the longest board game session I’ve had with them yet. (until about 3.30 am) Stockpile, Paperback, Fields of Green and Tumult Royale.

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