Like mentioned last week, there was going to be something different this week. I’d like to introduce The Golden Standees! Our own (quite random) awards for board games!

I’m not going to explain all the awarded Golden Standees, they are quite self explanatory. Perhaps the first one might be strange if you’ve never played Coup. All the players in this game have hidden identities and can either speak the thruth or lie about which character they are. It’s very handy to be the Duke in this game since you get to take 3 coins and you prevent other players from taking Foreign Aid (2 coins) in a turn. So people often lie about being the Duke in our experience.

The ‘Best Wallet Sucking Game’ – award is not meant as a negative remark or that the game is extremely expensive. We love Netrunner and thus the game forces us to get more amazing cards each time. 😉

There will be more Golden Standees next week! See you then!

I was pleasantly surprised to recognize a picture in the Android Netrunner frame. Honor and Profit, in the middle on the bottom row, is the only expansion I’ve bought so far and I really like the pre-constructed decks it comes with! I’m actually reusing the box it came in to wrap a gift card as a Christmas present, haha.

Coup is something I’m hoping to either get for Christmas or with gift cards from Christmas. I watched Geek and Sundry play it on a Tabletop episode and it seems like there’s so much strategy involved.

Can’t wait to see what other games win Golden Standees! 😀

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