2016 has now past, so it’s time to look back on all its glorious tabletop games! Semi Co-op presents the Golden Standees of 2016!
(Curious about last year’s Golden Standees? Click here)

We Call upon our readers for the People’s choice golden standees! Read more below.

We’ve come up with a little less awards than last year, but this has a reason.  We’re curious what Golden Standee award you would like to award to a certain game or other board game related ‘thing’. Next week we’ll present the People’s Choice Golden Standees!

So what’s the idea? You think up a Golden Standee you’d like to award to a game, company or other board game related thing. It can be an award for anything: silliest art, most awesome dice, best game to play while hanging upside down – anything! Be creative. We provide you with a template for a Golden Standee and you get to create your own image! Draw something, make a funny photo collage, anything.  You send us your image of your Golden Standee and we’ll pick  a few and publish them next week.

Download the template here: PNG file or the PSD file,
Send your creation to goldenstandees@semicoop.com before Sunday January 8th.

What board game release in 2017 are you looking forward to?

I’m really curious to see how the Terminal Directive Campaign Expansion for Android: Netrunner will play.

Plus, I have some friends that I’d like to get into Netrunner who are intimidated by the whole “it’s like Magic” concept, but are suckers for campaigns and ongoing stories in games … so here’s hoping!

Yes! It looks so good! Although I have to say now that we’re really enjoying the Arkham card game I want to wait for review to see if there isn’t too much overlap. The game are different enough that I don’t see that being a problem, but it would be a shame if it just feels like playing Netrunner cramped into a different system.

I hear ya … best to research. But I am hopeful!
When Imperial Assault first came out I thought, “It’s just Descent … with Star Wars!”
When Armada first came out I thought, “It’s just X-Wing … with bigger ships!”
While both pairings have obvious similarities, I was very pleasantly surprised by how much each contrasted and/or evolved from its predecessor. Fantasy Flight is really good at making games with mechanics that awaken the theme, even if its as subtle a difference as having ship-to-ship dogfights in space or having massive flagship battles in space. 😀

I’m really looking forward to the release of the Legend of the Five Rings Living Card Game, from FFG. I used to play the the RPG in the Lo5R setting of Rokugan and loved it. Ever since it was announced that FFG bought the rights to the card game to relaunch it as a Living Card Game that I’m waiting for it.

Already sent my submission to the Standees by the way.

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