Another year has passed, and thus it’s time for part one of the Golden Standees! Our silly awards for cool board games! Next week we’ll award another four awards to some lucky winners. 😉

2018 has passed by incredibly fast and it has been an amazing year for Semi Co-op! Not only did we publish 52 comics (+ 2 sponsored comics) on our website, but we also made 11 extra comics for the newsletter, which we also published on our social media channels. Crazy! We also launched our merchandise store and our Patreon page this last year! We’ve visited three board gaming conventions meeting all sorts of amazing people and made unforgettable memories.  We also logged 327 board game plays! We’ve been investing more time in our Instagram account, publishing 286 updates and we’ve gained over 3000 followers in a single year!

So, that’s about it. We’d like to thank all our readers for their precious time, their likes, shares, comments and overall kind words. We’d like to thank all the game designers and publishers for their generosity, every time somebody has sent us a game, we jump around the house a little. We’d like to thank the game designers who commissioned and trusted us to make a fun sponsored comic of their game. We’d like to thank other board game content creators for their creativity and for the awesome online community. And of course, we’d like to thank our Patrons for their awesome support! <3

We can’t wait what 2019 will bring, we’re excited and have many fun ideas in store for y’all if time allows us.

What’s your favorite game of 2018?

Hard to pick a favorite game. Maybe Dice Forge – quick to play, somewhat easy to explain, fun to mess w/ the dice. We’ve been enjoying various escape room games as time allows. I also enjoyed Fireball Island for what it is – a quick, fun, pretty game with a little take that (but not in a mean-spirited way).

I also really liked the meeples in City of Gears. They only came in the standard edition, though.

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