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I guess everybody has experienced this at least once in their life. Either in their own backyard, a park or while camping. Card games and the outside world are somewhat of a challenging combination. The idea is lovely, but the reality can be disappointing. 😉

We’re not actually on a vacation, but we did play a game with a lot of cards – within the wind free confinements of our own home. Yesterday we’ve played Food Chain Magnate for the first time! It is a little competitive, because players can really make the rest of the game harder for one another with one well-played marketing campaign. But since it’s not a direct attack on another player (like in a war game for example), but simply a well played action, we personally don’t mind. It fits in the setting of the game. I loved the details of the game, from the ‘menu card’ to the overall art style.  I can’t wait to play it again and try to sell pizzas to people for more than 30 dollar a piece!

What’s your best vacation board game memory? 😉

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