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The comic speaks for itself. It was inspired by (recent) events in the world and by this amazing video of Actualol.

We received our copy of Evolution: Climate! We’ve only yet played it with two players and noticed that the climate track wasn’t really swinging to any extreme temperatures. We’ll play it again soon with more players to see what happens then. The new trait cards are cool though and we’re excited to try the event cards.

We also got our copy of Captain Sonar! We had to wait for a reprint since the review of Shut up & Sit Down. 😉 We’re planning to organize a nice 8-player games day around it with friends. Can’t wait!

What are the best games to play with 8 players (that don’t take up to 3 hours)?

We played Captain Sonar this weekend at 4 players. I was skeptical at first, since it’s a game designed to work best at 8 (a number we’ve played at a couple times), but I was really impressed with how neatly the puzzle collapses down to 4. We managed to sink the opposing sub with one shot—luring them over a mine and firing a torpedo for two direct hits. My wife was the brilliant radio operator who tracked them down, and there was much high-fiving. Such great moments in that game! (A hint: focus heavily on sonar and drones for the first part of the game. Our first time playing we immediately charged our weapons and then sort of floated listlessly around the board. Torpedoes are useless if you don’t know where to fire them!)

A few of our favorite 8-player games:
Captain Sonar (of course!)
Incan Gold (one day I dream of having the 17-gem card all to myself)
Sushi Go Party! (I’ve only played at 5, but it can go to 8)
Spyfall (we never keep score; it’s just fun to watch each other flounder)
Codenames (8 is a great number—3 guessers per team is juuuuust enough to make the spymaster’s eye twitch as his team slowly talks themselves out of the correct answer)

Tsuro: 8 players really crowds the board, making surviving the chaos through to the end all the more satisfying

Carcassonne: I’d recommend this to veterans; the fewer players the better when you’re first learning, because a lot of tiles are placed between turns. Additionally, it helps to add expansions to stretch out the real estate and strategic options

Elder Sign: (see below)

Ca$h ‘n’ Guns: for this and Elder Sign, it just gets more intense with more people, like that sensation of teetering on the brink escalates the more people there are sharing it in the same space!

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