Great Western Trail is a highly appraised game by many people and it’s even on number 11 of the Board Game Geek ranking list! … It’s totally taunting us standing there on one of our shelves. It’s been at our house for multiple weeks now, but we just haven’t had the time to tackle this big and great game, But we really really want to, because the game mechanics seem so interesting. Hopefully: SOON! 😀

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Until then, we amuse ourselves with shorter games on normal weekdays like Pandemic Legacy. We tried beating the practice game again last week, and we lost AGAIN on the last turn. It’s definitely bad luck and not our lack of skill. 😉 We’re going to try again tonight and we hope to beat this monster and finally get started on January. I’ll let you know next week if we finally beat it or not.

The end of 2017 is nearing and that means it’s almost time for Semi Co-op’s Golden Standees! And like last year, we would like to invite our readers to participate in the People’s Choice awards! 😀 We really enjoyed giving people a platform to express their cool ideas and creativity. Remember that you really don’t need drawing skills to participate – stick figures or a photo can be really funny as well.

More info on how to participate in the blog post next week. 

Remember that we added an item to the Jack Vasel Memorial Fund Auction? It raised far more money that we could have imagined and we’re so grateful that we were able to help other people in such a fun way. We’ve made a custom Semi Co-op avatar for Ashley and this is the result!

Do you have any unplayed games in your collection that you really want to play but you just lack the time?

At the moment I don’t have any such game. But I know what you are talking about: nearly year ago I bought new edition of Doom boardgame. I’m a huge fan of first edition (maybe mostly because it was first “big” boargame I played and owned 🙂 ) and the moment I heard about second edition I decided that I have to buy it. Shortly after that I get it, read all instructions and… haven’t had opportunity to play it for two or three months…
To be honest: since then I only played it twice (both games on the same day) and that’s it…

I’ve recently discovered Kickstarter for myself. I’ve backed some games but in time the game arrives – usually six to twelve month after the campain ends – the hype is gone and you have found something else to be hyped about.

And then there are games that are on sale. I’ve just bought some new fractions for Smash Up because they were on sale. Haven’t even played with all the fractions of the last expansion.

GWT does need a bit of time to explain the rules but once you’re through those 30 minutes, it plays very easily. Everything (board, player board, tokens, etc) more or less shows you how to play the game.

I have an enormous load of Cosmic Encounter expansions waiting to be played and a couple of T.I.M.E. stories modules. Pandemic Legacy seizoen 2 will be brought to our house by the Sint!

I make ir a point to play “new” games (essen games generaly) as soon as possible. For at least the stuf i own. Stuf i dont own but is in my game group, now thats a huge list of want to plays. And the list only gets bigger evry year.

Imperial Settlers. Though i have player it a few times solo and once with 3 players, but it is collecting dust since then as it is just too long of a gime to quickly break out or to explain to a new person as easy as it might look from its appearance.

I’ve put a lot me effort in recently to keeping my shame pile small. I’m down to 2 :).

MERCS: Recon – I’m too lacking in motivation to assemble the miniatures. If I don’t get it done by June it’ll be sold to clear it from my shame list ^^.

I’ll get around to it, just quite hefty so I have some reading to do!

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