Forbidden Stars, one of those games we both really enjoy, but don’t play enough! It’s smart and brilliant, but it does easily take up two to three hours. It looks incredible, the art and game components are top notch. That’s why I somehow feel the urge to take a picture of it every time we play it. To ensure we play it a little more often, we’re thinking of putting it on our 10×10 list* for next year,

The game has a lot going on. Besides moving around your troops and ships, gathering resources, conquering planets and objective tokens, there also is a very interesting battle system that includes a little deck building. I’m not particularly good at the game (yet), but I do like it and I have the feeling that we’ve only just scratched the surface. Which is probably true, since we’ve only played it 3 times so far. 😉 Even though it takes a long time to play, I always think: “But but but… I still wanted to do this AND that!” when the last round starts…

So, if you’re looking for a varied strategic board game with cool miniatures: you should definitely check this one out. Note: You really don’t need to be a fan of the Warhammer 40K setting to enjoy it.

* 10×10 list: A list of 10 different games which you must try to play 10 times in one year. 

What is that one game in your collection that you’d like to play more often?

I played a lot with the old edition of this game (starcraft based). This game is on my “To Buy” List, just waiting for a french version.

The fact is I want to play more often EVERY game in my collection. But if i must choose only one, i think about Sentinels of the Multiverse… or maybe Chaos In The Old World.

Raaaaaah, i can’t choose, so many good games.

The Castle of the Devil! ^^
I played it a lot with my friends years ago, but lately we don’t use it often… Especially because you must be at least 6 players to get the best of it.
It’s a game about discovering who your teammates are and then gather certain items (cards) before the other team does it.
It’s really fun, if you manage not to talk your strategy aloud, like “Ok, pass me that card, then you attack, and steal that other card from him…”. xD

BSG. Battle Star Galactica. We played a game last week for the first time in two years, but we played it more than 50 times between 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012. So yeah, it definitively made it to the 10*10 list.

Time’s Up of course, 50 games a year during more than a decade (10*10*10: more than 10 times a year during 10 years)

TTR with the kids made it to the list a few years too.
FP:FR but we slowed down and played it only once within the last 6 months.

Star Wars: Imperial Assault has cheated to get its rank : you need to play it more than 10 times to complete the campaign (we play the finale tomorrow! Die, rebel scums!)

Funkenschlag/Powergrid/Megawatt: played only 8 times this year, but there are still 5 weeks before Christmas.

And 504… we only tested it twice yet, but it claims we still have to play it 502 times.

Game of Thrones (The Board Game)

I’ve only been able to get my friends to shut up and sit down with it once … and the odds of success were kinda stacked against us:

It was the closer for our International Tabletop Day that year, so we’d already been playing other games for hours. Fatigue was setting in. Plus, with the amount to learn, the questions that come up with different circumstances along the way, and myself being the only one who had learned the rules ahead of time … well, it’s just tragic to me because they all assume it’ll be just as tedious if we give it another go.

I don’t really feel I got a fair shot at actually experiencing it, because I was more focused on answering everybody’s questions than on my House’s actual gameplay. (“Who still is yet to plan? … Jake again?!” “Well, yeah, I’ve just finished answering everyone’s questions and am just now looking at my situation!” … hehe)

Oh, how much I want to return to Westeros!!

Betrayal at House on the Hill. The one time I played it with my family we didn’t really know what we were doing and it really ended up making the game no fun for them. I need a more experienced tabletop group to play it with.

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