We proudly present you this week’s guest comic artist, Hamu Dennis!

Hi! My name is Hamu Dennis (@Hamu_Dennis). I am an illustrator from New Orleans, la.  For the last three years I have been working with my brother Omari Akil developing games for .  In March of 2017 we decided to bring our culture to the board gaming industry. Then in January of 2020 “Rap Godz”, the first of a trilogy became available to the public.

“Hoop Godz” is the second game in that trilogy which will hit Kickstarter this October.  It is a 2 player 3v3 street ball game. It introduces our “Juice” system for energy management and real-time dice rolls to resolve the conflict of action vs reaction (shoot/block, steal/crossover and so on).  One thing that mattered to us during its creation was capturing the “feel” of a basketball game.  We did just that.

This comic is about enjoying a very intense basketball boardgame that totally captures the essence of the sport. Thanks Rachel and Heinze for the opportunity.  I really enjoyed it!!

What’s your favorite sports board game?

Blood Bowl was (and is) an amazing game. A legacy game (in a sense), but way before that term came into use. The strategy was good, the flavor was hilarious. The league aspect made it a perfect fit for gaming stores, and unlike other miniatures games it did not require a big upfront investment (just a single team’s worth of minis, if that).

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