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This is just a joke! We feel the insecurity that our comic will never be as good as Calvin & Hobbes but that doesn’t mean our creations aren’t worth enjoying! Some classic games are just so good that they will never be replaced by something else entirely. Luckily, that doesn’t matter as we love the creativity in game design and love to be surprised, so Spiel is always a very exciting few days for us. We’ve been making some lists of games that caught our interest but we also like to just see what we come across.

Last week, there was very little time for games and we ended up playing just two games of Ticket to Ride: Berlin and a game of 6 Nimmt (/Take 5!). Our house guest normally beats us in Ticket to Ride but this time it was not the case! I was very lucky with the tickets and won both games. This version of Ticket to Ride has very few high-scoring tickets but the few that are in the game have some overlap, making it very powerful if you happen to get more than one of them. We’re not sure if this is just a coincidence but it has happened in multiple of our games that one person got two of the highest-scoring tickets that only require two trains extra to score the other one.

And since we mention Can’t Stop in the comic, we’ve only played it online so far BUT we saw that there’s this new cool-looking edition available on SPIEL… so maybe we cannot control ourselves and buy a copy. We’ll see! 😀

We’ll try to share our findings and SPIEL adventures on our social media platforms to keep you in the loop during the coming week and we’ll share our thoughts and findings in the blog post next week!

Which game do you think will never be beaten?

I have trouble thinking of a game that will ever top 7 Wonders when I think about a) the elegance of the design, b) the high replay value, c) the many paths to victory, and d) how well it plays regardless of the number of players. There are relatively few games that play to 7, and there are even fewer games that don’t significantly increase the play time as you add players. It’s a brilliant game.

I do like ‘Can’t Stop’ – in fact I adapted it into a darts game, which was great because of the additional skill element. Basically you used the top of the dart board had the same thing where 20 (in the middle) required the most hits to close out, but you could more easily land in ‘safe’ territory, whereas the numbers at the edge required less hits, but were more risky as a miss was more likely. I think it worked even better than the board game.

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