make heads or tails of someone or something
Fig. to understand someone or something that someone has said. (Usually with the negative.) I can’t make heads ortails of Fred. No one can make heads or tails of this problem.

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Heinze often has quite brilliant ideas, but sometimes they are a little bit too complex to explain to others right out of the blue. 😉 This one is rather simple if you have basic knowledge of binary numbers, but else… well, it can be rather difficult.

So we have these affiliate links on our website to board games on and we’ve now referred enough people that we can actually buy a board game ourselves from the credit we’ve received. Since we owe that to you, our dear readers, we wanted to give you a chance to influence how we spend it! You can vote on our Facebook Page, which game we should get! Right now Clank! is quite ahead of the rest, but please do vote if you disagree with that. 😀

A while ago we received a copy of Lucidity by Fox Tale Games, a push your luck dice game with a nightmare-ish theme. Despite all the horror, we’ve had a lot of fun playing it. And it looks just great:

Lucidity is currently on Kickstarter and the project was funded within 48 hours! If you think Lucidity looks interesting, you should definitely check out their Kickstarter page:

Do you know any game mechanics that might be a little too complex?

That mechanic is GENUIS!!! Heinze, let’s design an boardgame of EPIC proportions built around this! We could also use three sided dice with number 1, 2 and 4 for our boardgmae, because any good boardgame needs dice.

Just think a bit about a 3-sided die and how that would look/work… Or rather, how it wouldn’t!

You could use two sides each of a 6-sided die… But then if you’re doing all of that, you might as well use an 8-sided die with numbers 0-7 and save yourself a lot of coin tossing and dice rolling!

If you just make fields with numbers 4,2,1
coins with sides on/off
and explain you add all turned on numbers
most ppl should understand it. Still I don’t see much use for this mechanic.

I think there are many badly presented mechanics. Like above, you an explain so ppl will understand or explain so even when you knot the rule you don’t get what are some explanations trying to do.

Like Kanagawa rulebook. I couln’t make a worse explanation of Coloretto draft mechanic even if i tried. And game has many extra elements that additionally obfuscate poor explanation of basic mechanic. Making main mechanic – relatively simple take or wait for more choice – next to impossible to understand, after reading rules for the first time.

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