For those people who have been living under a rock for the past two decades, this is the song by Celine Dion to which is being referred: 😀

So, yes, Near and Far actually is on its way and it will probably arrive this week. Yaaay! We’re so curious about the game since we both think Above and Below is amazing.  An upcoming problem is that we don’t have a lot of time and that’s a terrible combination with a campaign game. 😉 I’m sure we’ll manage, somehow? I’m just happy that Pandemic Legacy Season 2 will be released Autumn 2017 instead of Spring.

Speaking of campaign games: Netrunner Terminal Directive is really fun so far. We’re reliving Netrunner the way it was before there just were too many cards available and that’s a great feeling. This Sunday we’re even attending a Terminal Directive event at our FLGS. It’s not a tournament, but during the matches, there are objectives you can complete. There are special promos/prizes if you do. So it’s a nice day of Netrunner without the stress of an actual tournament with a limited card pool. Perfect! 😀

So, what board game parody song would you make?

While we have had contact from the shipping company, we are still waiting on confirmation that it has shipped, but OH BOY am I excited. Maybe not excited enough to sing Celine Dion, though.
(love the first two panels in the comic, gorgeous sequence, and really great storytelling. As ever, we are jealous of your amazing work.)

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