The creators of Seasons use different terms for their ‘ magical’  persons: sorcerers, wizards and magicians – so I don’t want to start a discussion wether a sorcerer is the same as a wizard or not. I just stuck with wizards for this comic. đŸ˜‰

Seasons is a beautifully illustrated card game that’s playable for 2 to 4 players. The very nice, big and heavy dice which you roll to gain energy tokens, cards, crystals and summoning spots for cards bring a nice variety to the game play. There’s room in the game to get technical and pull off some cool combo’s, but it’s also a game that is easily picked up by beginners thanks to the pre-made card decks.

We like Seasons so much that we swapped it in our 10×10 challenge (play 10 board games for 10 times in one year) after we started it. The game scratches our deeper card game itch, but it doesn’t fully absorb our time … and money. And besides, did I mention the really cool dice and the beautiful artwork? Really, check it out.

Which game do you think is the prettiest of them all?

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