This comic is the final strip of our Summer Special. Click here to read it the first in the series. 

This week we take a moment to say how happy we are with our FLGS: Comicasa. The owners are the coolest, their game and comic inventory is top notch, their prices are good and the store looks amazing from the inside and outside. It’s definitely a place where we like to hang out as you can understand. 😉 This is were we came in contact with the vivid Netrunner community and other cool people.

Speaking of Netrunner, Heinze has made a Chrome plugin that allows you to easily make alternative formats for decks on NetrunnerDB if you want to experiment a bit with the game. Click here to read more about it. We’re having our first alternative format tournament in September, I’m really curious about the creative decks people have come up with. I should start building my deck. 😀

Tell us about your favorite gaming store!

Heinze, your 1:1:1:1 format for Netrunner is really interesting! I wish I had this kind of tournaments in Italy too, we are too competitive.. :p
Are you or Rachel registered in I’d like to have a game with you! 😀

Anyway, my FLGS is “I Giochi dei Grandi”, you can translate it in “Grownups Games” in English (
It has all kinds of games, sometimes even rare ones, and every Wednesday evening it stays open till midnight for playing card and board games!

The format isn’t mine, but thanks for the interest! We both don’t have account but I’ve been interested in Jinteki for a while now, some of our friends have offered to help us learn it, but right now we’re too busy with work. Hopefully in a couple of months we can play some game on Jinteki 🙂

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