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Chris suggested to play Chinatown one evening and it was, no surprise, a lot of fun! Most games we play lately are very good or interesting, so it seems. Chinatown is a bargaining game, but not a too agressive one. This is also due to the random tile and lot number drawing. The tricky part comes when you add money to a bargain! We’ve heard people lose the game with a difference of just 40 000 dollar (which is really nothing in this game) – that’s how close it can get in the end.

Yesterday we went to friends and played a lot of board games. We’ve played Evolution, Codenames and Glen More and on our way back in the train we played Star Realms, Ascension and Forbidden Desert on a tablet. Pfew, that be a lot of games for one day, good times!

Santa news! We received a gift from our BGG Secret Santa last week. It’s the Arkham Horror card game! We were already really psyched about this and then we received a message that this was not the only gift… what?! So exciting! 😀 We’ve played the first scenario and my character isn’t doing too well. Poor guy was frozen in fear – constantly. We can’t wait to continue and see what happens next this week.

When it comes to playing board games, would you consider yourself to be a very competitive player or not?

A cat on your shoulder can definitely influence your moves, tell me about it 😉 . And a Maine Coon… super heavy, isn’t it?

As for the games, yeay for Codenames! I bought it recently and really like it, as it boggles your mind looking for just the right words. Just have to find likeminded players, it’s collecting dust now. Was a bit turned down by the fact it says ‘party game’ on the box, but then again, I’m not a die hard board gamer and never will be. It comes from good creators and it’s lots of fun, so I don’t really bother. I have played Evolution: Climate a few weeks ago, and I quite enjoyed it (you sure already know it features a *wooden* dinosaur?)

Mostly I am not a competitive gamer. It takes a while to figure out the tactics of each game, and in those iterations you lose a few times. Board games are to me a way to spend time together in a fun way. The play is better than the final outcome. 🙂

I am very competitive when it comes to board games. If you’ve been tracking my comments at all, I cannot stop talking about David Sirlin’s games, no matter what they are. They all share a common theme (other than the characters/setting): they’re all competitive in varying degrees. Pandante is on the lighter side of things (unless you’re playing for cash money), while Codex squeezes importance out of every single decision you and your opponent makes. I find that kind of depth and challenge fun! It also makes me happy to test my edge against my friends so that we all improve.

I think i’m not exactly a competitive player (in BoardGames or anywhere else) but i mostly don’t like playing there is no competition (in my advantage or disadvantage).
It’s even worth because i look at the others players, and when they do something that give me an advantage, i told them (afterward obviously) what they could have done to stop me (or to slow me). Just because challenge is more fun than the easy way.
Recently I try to change this habit because I’ve lost a tornament on a thing like that. “Hey, you know, on each turn I kick your ass, but if you do that, you can definitly beat me up… Ho shit, what i’ve done T_T”.

Being the one who, more often than not, is the one to introduce and teach games to my friends, I can’t really be a competitive player – my primary focus is on making sure others are understanding the game. It’s kind of like “tutorial mode”.

However, in those circumstances where we’re all familiar – where I only have to worry about my own hand, actions, and strategies – I love getting competitive.

One thing I’d like to define, though, is that this does not mean I get upset or mad when I lose. It’s the hustle, it’s the not holding back any punches, it’s the “give me your best shot” and going for it that I love. But it’s never my goal to upset you, O opponent, or make you mad. In fact, in those times where I have seen fellow players get worked up over defeat – and blame the game, or getting teamed up on, or having back luck – it disappoints me. While games can have an element of luck, alliances, or unforgiving mechanics … good games always give you a fighting chance of countering that.

So, instead of getting mad, donning the bad attitude and just giving up … get competitive. Fight the good fight. You just might be surprised by what you – and the game – can do. 🙂

With Arkham Horror, a big rule we missed is that each time the Act deck advances ALL doom on the board is removed (from Allies, Enemies, and Act cards). Keep this in mind for the second and third scenario! And good luck! We got trounced in a three player game, and just escaped with our lives!

Just discovered your comic today — it is simply charming!

As a fellow Netrunner and Eldritch Horror enthusiast, I’m glad you found Arkham LCG! I look forward to your take on it. So far our little group has been captivated by it. Driven insane a couple times too.

Wishing you a Joyous New Year!

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