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The news has been buzzing about a phenomenon called “Hot Girl Summer” challenges over here in the Netherlands and we thought it would be fun to give that one a spin and bring you “Hot Game Summer”! It lists silly fun board game-related things you can do during the Summer. This list is far from complete, so we invite you to drop fun ideas in the comments.

I’m really looking forward to the Summer, not because of the temperatures, but because life will be less busy and thus more time for board games! 😉

Last week we only played The King’s Dilemma and boy, what a game it was! A friend of ours even decorated amazing cookies for us during the game and we thought that would be the highlight. But then during the game, something happened and well, let’s say that there was a shift in perspective on reality, and our minds were blown and now we’re even more curious about what the rest of the game has to offer…

Yesterday we had a mini painting day with friends and that’s always a lot of fun. Since we always host these ‘events’ everybody sometimes donates a paint bottle or two, so we’ve built up quite a shared paint collection which is very handy! I’m really liking the new contrast/speed paints that basically are shading and highlighter in one. They’re great for the basics and after that, you can just add details with “normal” paint. Yesterday, I worked on this cute little piece of scenery.

We’re having a board game night tomorrow (yaay!) and this Thursday we’ve got a fun commissioned comic coming up of a game we highly recommend!

What challenge would you add?

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