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It’s like MicroMacro: Crime City has a bit of buzz going on since Spiel! Pegasus did a cool viral marketing thing by sending parts of the map as a postcard to different board game personalities and now that it’s out in several countries a lot of people seem to be enjoying it.

We got it last week as part of our going project to support our local game store during these hard times (at least that is the excuse we’re using 🙂 ) and we’ve played the first eight cases so far. We definitely recommend playing it on the “expert” mode as we think the first cases are very easy. By only looking at the first card of the case it feels more like actual detective work and not like an eye exam trying to spot the requested part of the map. It is an enjoyable experience, though, and we expect our friends to get a kick out of it once we’re done with it. The game doesn’t really have any rules that you’ll have to learn or things the can ruin the experience so if you want to show people how different and interesting games can be, this is probably one to try! Our only critique is that we find the price a little steep if you compare it to, for example, Chronicles of Crime which will provide you with many more hours of detective work. But we have the hardest cases still in front of us, so maybe the game will surprise us just yet.

Do like like mystery/deduction games? Which one is your favorite?

Mystery and Deduction games are great fun with the right group.

Personally, my absolute favorite is Mysterium, because it tells you as much about the players as the story, because you have to figure out how to communicate using just pictures, and sometimes, you want to shout at the idiot on the other side of the screen for not figuring out that they were supposed guess the CLOTHES IRON based on the card you handed them.

…That is a bit of a digression though.

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