This is the first of our three guest comics and we’re so happy with the amazing comic Rahul made!
We love his comic work, so go check it out. 🙂 Some words from Rahul himself:

Hi, I am Rahul Patil and I’m an illustrator and comic artist from Mumbai, India.
For eight years I had been working as a 3D artist but working for others without any real credit was very unfulfilling for me. I quit my job and started my own business of freelancing and merch. I am really happy to say this is the most satisfying job ever!

I make comics about myself and my wife, Kishori, and the fun lives we lead with food, board games and our life after marriage away from our parents and some crazy imagination. Check out our work at

Kishori on the other hand was always creating these cute pieces of art jewelry which she began selling on Instagram. Her page is . We thought, why not combine both of our passions and sell them in a common space? And that’s how our online store started. Check it out at Though we don’t ship internationally right now, your support is much appreciated.

We also have a Patreon page to help support our work
Every little contribution helps us in a long way! I hope you enjoy your stay!

When Rachel at @semicoop asked me if I would do a guest comic for them, how could I pass that? I’ve been following their work since I got crazy about board games a couple of years back and ended up owning a sizable collection of these amazing games. I always appreciate the support from a fellow artist!

Do you use house rules? What’s your favorite?

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