Disclaimer: We played the Dutch version of Ghost Stories, so it might be that the translation of the rule book is just… not that good.

Ghost Stories! After going through the hassle of understanding the game completely and having the feeling we were really doing it right (thank you Google!), we had quite some fun with the game! It is probably one of the hardest co-op games we ever played though. It never took the game very long before we were completely overrun by all the ghosts and their demon posse and I think we even never got to fight Wu Feng! We played it at our FLGS (Friendly Local Game Store), so I believe we haven’t played more than three times – but it’s certainly one of those games I’d like to play again with more than two players to take revenge on the game. Or… to just fail miserably, again. 😉

So, which games do you think have ‘ghastly’ rule books?

co-ops ar not alwasy easy. some are known to be hard. even with mitigated difficluity you will still lose your first 5 games becous your learning what you need to do. som co-ops start at difficulity hard and only go up.
ghastly rule books usaly come in games of fantasy flight. the worst one for me was :spase hulk, death angel the card game co-op

Hahahahaha the first 3 games of ghost stories, we played it that all haunting ghosts on all the boards move every turn. Needless to say, it was ultra hard mode. It felt like easy mode once we realized the haunting ghost only move on the active players board.

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