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Things are looking up for our board gaming plans here in our country now we and all of our friends and relatives have had a booster vaccine! We’re allowed more than two guests again and we’ve actually made plans to continue our The King’s Dilemma campaign which was unfortunately put on hold back in March 2020 due to Covid. Although most of us don’t really remember what has happened in the game, besides some war in the north, we’re happy we’ll get back together again with the group and continue our silly in-game bickering.


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Last week was full of gaming surprises! We’ve had a little bit more energy and played our first game of Origins: First Builders and although we were afraid it might be a little “dry”, we really enjoyed it! We think it’s a clever worker placement game that uses the ever-increasing values of dice and actions to make timing so much more important than with other worker placement games. The only downside is that it’s not really suited for colorblind people, so we’ve made some adjustments to the game to make it more playable for Heinze in the future.

We’ve also enjoyed a nice game of Fort and played Kim-Joy’s Magic Bakery on our friend’s birthday and she even baked a Raspberry Pavlova which is also one of the cards in the game! We also played some other light games that night like Hey, That’s My Fish and Pickomino. To offset that night of light gaming we’ve played Robinson Crusoe on Friday with other friends who requested a more complex game, preferably co-op. Well, we thought a visit to the Cursed Island would be a great option. We might have made some mistakes with the rules, but had a great time and barely won the first scenario. It’s been four years since we had played the game, but we gotta say: it’s still solid and we still hear The Happy Luza’s song in our head every time we see the board. If you don’t know what we’re talking about and have played Robinson Crusoe, we encourage you to check it out: It’s so good!

On Sunday, we continued playing My City and now have three chapters left. We really enjoy the length and intensity of the game for those moments when you have about 45 minutes to play a game. And in the afternoon we played some Dixit with our nephews which is a real big hit with them. They’re also getting into more serious board games like Wingspan, so that’s a fun development to see.

What game makes you feel better?

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